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The Catholic Newman Center  at The University of      Nebraska-Kearney

The Catholic Newman Center at the University of Nebraska at Kearney seeks to follow the mission of Jesus Christ to draw all into union with God.  We do this through our community gathered in celebration of the Sacraments, study, prayer, social events, and service.  The Gospel informs our daily action and moves us to reach out to all those in need.  We are missionary disciples, joyfully spreading the love of God in Truth and Charity to all we encounter. 

Student Leadership Council



The head of the Student Leadership Council who helps to coordinate daily life at the Newman Center.

2017/2018 President:  Kendall Schumacher

Faith Formation 

To grow in faith and knowledge in the community of Christ and to gain a deeper understanding of the one true faith. 

Coordinator:  Emily Spieker

Assistant coordinator:  Brittany Hanzlik

Team members:  Haley Pierce


To provide delicious sustenance to the people of Newman so they have the energy to carry on their mission in life whether it be school or serving the Lord. 

Coordinator:  Anna Wegener

Assistant coordinator:  Emily Hemmer

Team members:  Taylor Kizer

Building and Maintenance

To maintain an orderly and safe environment for the development of community based on faith. 

Coordinator:  Jonathan Venzor

Assistant coordinator:  Robert Messbarger

Team members:  Zach Canfield, Luke Grossnicklaus

Hispanic Ministry

To bring together and unite the diverse practice of the Catholic faith from among many cultures found throughout the Americas so that Catholics, no matter where they are from, feel at home at the Newman Center.

Coordinator:  Ruben Meza Jr

Assistant coordinator:  Emma Domingo

Team members:  Rocio Carrasco, Ana Rodriquez, Maria Del Rosario Gutierrez


To provide opportunities for spiritual growth through retreats in order to provide more time for prayer and contemplation, which can deepen one's relationship with Christ. We will also provide opportunities for discovery in vocation and encourage students to discern God's will in their lives. We will strive to do as Jesus said in Mark 6:30, "Come away by yourselves to a  deserted place and rest awhile."

Coordinator:  Julia Daro

Assistant coordinator:  Paula Zakrzewski

Team members:  Nicole Placek

Parish life

To communicate information about activities and serving opportunities within the St. James, Prince of Peace and Newman Center parishes.  By collaborating between these three parishes, we can spread Christ's love to the Catholic community of Kearney.

Coordinator:  Allison Blum

Assistant coordinator:  Annie Pflaum

Interior life/sacramental life

Dedicated to fostering the growth of individuals and the Newman Center Community through prayer, and the celebration of the sacraments. Our aim is to grow together and support each other through prayer and the sacraments on the Journey to our eternal home. 

Coordinator:  Claire Swantek

Assistant coordinator:  Courtney Brockhaus

Team members:  Keely Butcher, Faviola Seiler

Greek life

To provide an inviting and supporting environment for our brothers and sisters in Christ and in Greek Life. 

Coordinator:  Brittany Blaser

Alpha Xi Delta:  Sidney Priester

Alpha Phi:  Maggie Otto

Alpha Omicron Pi:  Neli Morales

Gamma Phi Beta:  

Phi Kappa Alpha: 

Sigma Epsilon Phi:

Phi Delta Theta:  Ryan Boyd

Phi Gamma Delta:  

Social Activities

Strive to form a fun and welcoming environment for students of all ages. We keep a positive attitude before, during, and after each event we hold. We reach out to a diverse group by hosting multiple events each month. Our biggest goal is to provide a fun, active, and loving community for each student growing in their faith.

Coordinator:  Riley Ostdiek

Assistant coordinator:  Julian Ancona

Team members:  Riley Pulver

Community Service

To provide opportunities to express our servitude as God's people.

Coordinator:  Noah Huddleston

Assistant coordinator:  Courtney Shundoff

Team members:  Trevor Donahey


To connect and Invite all to Christ. 

Coordinator:  Marc Wagner

Assistant Coordinator:  Michael Cornelius

Team members:  Austin Loeffelholz



Sunday Mass Times:  930 am, 11 am and 7 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Mass Times:  515 pm (with Evening Prayer)

Wednesday Mass Times:  10 pm

Saturday Mass Times:  9 am


Sunday: 8-925 am, 1030-1050 am and 6-645 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:  445-510 pm

Wednesday:  830-950 pm

Saturday:  8-845 am


The Catholic Newman Center at UNK offers adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during the academic year.  Exposition follows Tuesday evening Mass at 545 pm, a period of adoration extends to the 10 pm Wednesday Mass.  We also offer adoration beginning at 6 pm to 650 pm on Sunday evenings.  . 

Many opportunities to pray devotions occur throughout the year.  Watch bulletins, announcements, Facebook, Snap chat and our google calendar for times to say in common the rosary, Stations of the Cross, and various novenas. 

FOCUS Ministries

What is FOCUS?  Fellowship of Catholic University Students

Day in the life of a missionary

A heart that has encountered Jesus is a heart changed forever. Someone who knows Christ knows that life can never be the same without Him. It is He Who gives meaning to our lives, purpose to our gifts and direction to our desires. And those who have met Him desire nothing more than to share Him with the rest of the world.

Each of us is called to share Jesus Christ no matter where we are. FOCUS missionaries answer that call by going to college and university campuses across the country, giving freely and joyfully of themselves to invite students onto the journey to Christ’s Kingdom.

Reaching Out

Partnering with chaplains and campus ministers, FOCUS missionaries go out to colleges and universities to meet students where they are: in the dorms, on the field, at the student union and in every corner of campus. Through outreach events and one-on-one conversations, students make meaningful connections with members of Christ’s body — growing in friendships, sharing life and coming together in authentic community.

Diving Deep

Through Bible studies, prayer, sacraments, service opportunities, mission trips and national conferences, missionaries invest deeply in students’ lives and build them up in the knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith, sharing with them the joy of the gospel.

Raising Up

By building students in faith, missionaries also raise up students to become leaders in evangelization, teaching them how to serve as missionary disciples and to lead others to Christ.


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